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FictFact - Book Details for Strawberry Cream Murder

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Donut Poison (Killer Delights Cozy Mystery Book 2) By

Living with a movie star, even ageing would be a dream for most people. However, after Thaddeus Turlington is found murdered in his nursing home, everyone is shocked. Determined to get to the bottom of the beloved actors 8767 death, as well as getting to the bottom of what he was truly like while he was alive.

Lavender Dust Murder + Neapolitan Delight Murder

I actually really enjoyed this book. I must say that it addresses some of the concerns that I mentioned in my last review. We get a little bit of insight into Donut Delight and how the little doughnut shop was doing. There is also the chemistry between Ryan and Heather that I fell in love with the first few books. They still make a cute couple.

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I also feel like the shop was just forgotten because Heather had only added one employee since the expansion and with how busy the shop was she needs more.

The characters are growing nicely. Heather 8767 s contributions to the police force are finally being recognized and a permanent position may open up for her. I 8767 m not sure how Heather would be able to balance the new role along with running the store. I feel like my staff would have to be added.

Peanut Butter Fudge Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #85) + Christmas Donut Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #86)
Passion Fruit Punch Murder + Pecan Nut Crunch Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #89 + 85)

After a long time running around, Heather and Ryan get to have a lovely night at the motion pictures. However, their peaceful evening is shattered when a man is murdered in front of everyone. Now Heather has to push through the first time that she sees someone die in front of her. Heather is determined to figure out this murder as to not feel any more useless than she already does.

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Though the murder wasn 8767 t terribly hard to figure out, the background to the murder victim and murderer was very interesting in this case. I enjoyed that Gillard went a little further than she normally goes, but I still would really love it if she were to develop all her characters a little more.

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