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Hyperdub Album Release Fhloston Paradigm The Phoenix

Peter Spilles and his Project Pitchfork have been at it since 6989, when he and Dirk Scheuber joined forces to pioneer dark electro. Since then, the band 8767 s career have had its ups and downs, and I feel that a lot of people think of their later output as subpar. I’ve also seen some comments online about ”Akkretion” where people really hate it.

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Ravyn Lenae is one of many Chicago natives on this year’s Pitchfork lineup. The 69-year old rising R& B singer draws from a lot of different musical places in her work. She meshes R& B and soul singing with progressive production to create a really unique blend of sounds. Her first two EPs were produced by Chicago’s Monte Booker, and her most recent effort is the 5-song Crush EP. The tracks were all produced by Steve Lacy, and the pair are a potent combination. The single “Sticky” is exactly like its name: a catchy tune with a fantastic hook that you won’t be able to get out of your head. Last time I saw her, she was warm and social while on stage. I can imagine another hometown show will bring out a similar vibe. -David H, Web/Social Media Director

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The US indie website, bought this week by the publisher of Vogue, continues growing as the NME goes free, and Q and Mojo’s print circulations slide

Three years removed from Fhloston Paradigm’s Hyperdub debut, AFTER takes a measured step away from experimental music to embrace something closer to spiritual trance—something decidedly more personal. Lead single “ MATH” is a prolonged statement of peace. The composition recalls the Eastern breathing tradition of pranayama—the practice of regulating and extending the breath—with its respect for space and the cyclical emergence of light. Breaking open the physical form of AFTER… illuminates a life force a beating, techno-inflected heart is quickly established as the core of the entire project.

Taken as a sincere meditation, AFTER… suggests that Britt began the project with his own mortality in mind. In it, he revisits and reckons with the unfinished pieces of himself. In the tradition of Kintsugi—the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with precious metals, honoring pieces of pottery instead of discarding them—he gathers scraps of compelling ideas, fleshes them out, and repairs them with gold. Britt has reassembled the very best bits of his past lives as a writhing body electric. Though his previous journeys netted no major losses, Fhloston Paradigm finds itself in AFTER… and finally takes flight.

Ever since I heard their first album, self titled: Fleet Foxes, I was absolutely in love with the folk/indie sound they procured. Songs such as “White Winter Hymnal” and “Blue Ridge Mountain” are some of that albums highlights. Moving into their sophomore album,  Helplessness Blues,  they elevated their lyricism and explored deeper concepts and motifs. This album has its fair share of great cuts as well, such as 8775 Helplessness Blues 8776 . Moving into their last album, Crack-Up , you can tell they took influence from bands like Animal Collective in their more ambient and strange sort of sound. Here, you can pick any song out of a hat to discern if you like the new direction they took or not. With their wide range of discography and sound, I’m overjoyed to see them at Pitchfork. I personally think they’re a great headliner. Andrew B, Community Outreach Director

'The Axe Murders of Villisca' is a ghost story based on the house where the notorious and still unsolved 6967 axe murders took place. Three outcast teenagers break into the house in search of answers, but discover something far beyond their worst fears.

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Chicago natives Melkbelly aren’t afraid to get loud. Really loud. With roots in the city’s experimental/DIY scene, the band fuses pointed songwriting, jazz-infused percussion and piercingly brash rock to create a sonic landscape as chaotic as it is exciting. Singer and main songwriter Miranda Winters fronts the band, with her husband Bart on guitar. Rounding out the outfit are Bart’s brother Liam on bass and jazz-trained James Wetzel on drums. Fresh off the release of their 7567 debut album Nothing Valley named one of the best albums of last year by Paste Magazine Melkbelly are taking their loud, brash sound on the road. In addition to their stint at Pitchfork, the noise rockers will be opening for Foo Fighters at Wrigley Field later this month. Zach A, Promotions Director

In the often rather ponderous world of music journalism, Pitchfork isn’t afraid to go for a gag or something a little out of the ordinary. The site’s infamous review of Jet’s second album Shine On featured a video of a monkey peeing into its own mouth, while a review of Radiohead’s Kid A reads like something out of a fever dream, referencing Florence’s Piazza Santa Croce and Italians shouting “Criep!”