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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos now richest person in history

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 13:55

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Alibaba ( BABA ) founder Jack Ma is the country''s fourth richest man , Hurun said. The e-commerce tycoon''s wealth has ticked up 65% in the past year to $87 billion.

Jeff Bezos is The Richest Man in the World, But Hundreds

Ma has dethroned real estate tycoon Hui Ka Yan as China''s richest person. Hurun estimates that Hui, who only took the top spot himself in October , has a fortune of $96 billion. Shares in property developer Evergrande -- of which Hui is the chairman and biggest shareholder -- have skyrocketed more than 855% over the past 67 months.

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And China''s ranks of billionaires are swelling at an incredible rate. The country minted more than 755 over the past year -- about four a week -- according to the Hurun list.

But Ma is a long way behind Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, whose wealth is pegged at $79 billion by Hurun, which is best known for its research on China''s super rich. Zuckerberg is the world''s fourth richest person after Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

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"The sudden emergence of Amazon as an employer of so many who need that assistance raises a question: Why is this giant, successful company offering such limited pay and hours of work that many of its workers need help buying food?” Schiller said.

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