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In the manga, he is able to catch a fish with chopsticks, while in the anime, he is able to kill a mosquito with a toothpick. He also displays a lot more expressions and emotions than he did in the anime, as he seemed to panic when Tsumiki bit him on the head and was nervous when the girls (Hime non-inclusive) discovered his part-time job at Hatch Potch.

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Io has dark hair with an ahoge, along with black eyes and glasses. Like most of the students of Nekoge Prefectural High School, he is mostly seen in his school uniform, although he has been shown in other outfits as well.

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He is usually seen in school spinning a pen with his hand, fast enough to catch Mayoi''s surprise at the speed. Pen-spinning seemed to be a hobby, since Io is very often seen doing it in the anime, also spinning some other objects like chopsticks and fireworks. At times, he unknowingly acts like a casanova, and thus is very popular with cats. His popularity with cats may have been a nod to Tsumiki''s more-than-obvious crush and reactions when close to him.

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Acchi Kocchi (Tagged SPOILERS ramble, only at the end of the review)


Acchi Kocchi is a slice of life school romcom where romance means unspoken love.


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The opening is Acchi de Kocchi de or Over There, Over Here. It''s sung by the main characters of the anime and it''s one of the cutest anime openings in. read more

Io Otonashi ( 音無 伊御   Otonashi Io) is a student at the  Nekoge Prefectural High School , along with classmates Tsumiki Miniwa ,  Mayoi Katase ,  Hime Haruno  and  Sakaki Inui.

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Any Animes Like Acchi Kocchi / Any Animes Like Place to Place ? 9. Toradora!

And what about Toradora!, adapted from Yuyuko Takemiya''s light novel? There''s Ryuuji, about to start his second year in high school, worried about his scary looking face that gives him a bully aura and, on the other side, there''s Taiga which despite her cute looks, is what you can call a real tiger! Together with Ryuuji and Taiga, we find Minori – loved by Ryuuji – and Yusaku, Ryuuji''s childhood friend. Funny to tears sometimes, this anime will turn the tables near the end, making you realize that what seems to be sparkling, often, is not what is real.

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